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Affordable-Conference delivers comprehensive, web conferencing features, and adds the human dimension of live, fully interactive, multiparty video. Now you can truly replace time-consuming business travel and in-person meetings, with a web conferencing solution. Online web conferencing that will not break your budget! In fact, when you add up the travel costs that you will save when you hold meetings online, the costs of this service become negligible. Affordable-Conference offers superior Audio and Video Web Conferencing solutions at a fraction of the cost. Try one of our free online web conferencing rooms now and find out how this service can help bring your organization together, boost morale, raise efficiency, improve team work and lower your travel costs.

Our VoIP web conferencing software features include:

Audio & Video Conferencing Software Upload videos, imagery and documents. Real-Time Video Conferencing Software Keep everyone on the same page share your screen with the whole group in real-time.
Video Conferencing Software Control your meeting from an easy-to-use moderator window controls tabs. PowerPoint® Video Conferencing Software Annotation in both Presentation and Whiteboard modes.
Video Conferencing Software & Mobile Devices Attend a meeting from your Android, BlackBerry or any Wi-Fi enabled device. Windows, Mac OS and Linux Web Conferencing Software Unlimited Usage with Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Web Conferencing Software

Our VoIP web conferencing software offers multiple language support

Multiple Languages Supported With Audio & Video Web Conferencing Software

1. No RestrictionsMultiple Web BrowsersCross Platform Operating Systems.
2. Video, audio and whiteboard … share web pages, images and chat with friends.
3. Outstanding live video streaming broadcasting yourself or live events in real time.
4. Fast Desktop Sharing enables you to display your desktop to your participants.
5. Give Full Moderator control to a guest on the fly during a conference.
6. Includes a Control Panel for settings customization – Multiple Languages Supported.
7. Public/Private text, audio and video messaging. Create Polling & Surveys on the fly.
8. Show your own Videos using the web conferencing room upload and playback player.
9. Convert your PowerPoint® in seconds to show your web conferencing room participants.
10. Full duplex enables you to have private audio/video conversations with 5 participants.

Web Conferencing Software

Our VoIP web conferencing software rooms have private branding.


Web Conferencing Software

Why use our VoIP web conferencing software?


1. Reduce travel expenses and time for business meetings.
2. Reduce your long distance phone bill. Talk to anyone in the world for free.
3. Share photos in real time with your family anywhere in the world.
4. Send documents, files, other applications instantly with anyone in the world.
5. Improve collaboration, employee training and customer service with our web conferencing.

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